How do I participate?

Come on over and Join our Discord to meet your fellow ALAM0 delegators, participate in discussions, and stay updated on latest news!

Additional Incentives

Besides our primary mission of providing renewable energy to our delegators who belong to our local power grid, Alamo Stakepool has also established additional incentivization for delegators, regardless of your locale.

Monthly Ghostchain Giveaway

Every month, starting in March 2022 and ending in February of 2024, Alamo Stakepool will be giving away 1 Ghostchain NFT to a randomly selected delegator who has delegated at least 1k ADA that entire month.

Ape Society Cabin Giveaway

Starting in July 2022, for Six Months, we will also be giving away 1 Ape Society Cabin per Month to a randomly selected delegator with the same qualifications described above. Alamo Stakepool is proud to be part of The Ape Society Stakepool Initiative and has covered the Ape Society ecosystem in a video so you can be educated on what you might potentially win!

Remaining Giveaway Epochs for 2022

Here are all remaining eligible Epochs for the remainder of 2022. Remember to start delegating before the completion of the starting Epoch all the way through the completion of the ending Epoch.

Jul 2022 | 349 -> 354
Aug 2022 | 355 -> 360
Sep 2022 | 361 -> 366
Oct 2022 | 367 -> 372
Nov 2022 | 373 -> 378
Dec 2022 | 379 -> 384

Giveaway Epochs for 2023

Here are all eligible Epochs for 2023. Remember to start delegating before the completion of the starting Epoch all the way through the completion of the ending Epoch.

Jan 2023 | 385 -> 390
Feb 2023 | 391 -> 396
Mar 2023 | 397 -> 402
Apr 2023 | 403 -> 408
May 2023 | 409 -> 414
Jun 2023 | 415 -> 420
July 2023 | 421 -> 426
Aug 2023 | 428-> 433
Sep 2023 | 434 -> 439
Oct 2023 | 440 -> 445
Nov 2023 | 446 -> 451
Dec 2023 | 452 -> 457

NFT Floor Sweep Fund

Alamo Stakepool is currently allocating 10% of its stakepool revenue to sweeping the floor of an NFT recommended by the delegation.

Currently, the selection is Ghostchain NFT. Alamo Stakepool will sweep the floor of the Ghostchain NFT until the floor reaches 100k ADA. This goal might sound ambitious, but if you view our video covering return on investment analysis of the Ghostchain NFT, you’ll see why we set the bar so high on this project.

If you are a prospective delegator looking to take advantage of the consensus rewards mechanism to sweep the floor of a project you’re excited about, come stake with us! Think about it, the more delegation we attain, the faster we can meet our goals and move on to the next projects that you, our delegation want to focus on. Come join our Discord to discuss!

Update: Apr 18, 2022 has now launched and the dev team and community members continue to prove that this marketplace deserves the Cardano community’s attention! We’re showing our support by increasing our aggressiveness in our profit allocation % in buying Ghostchain NFTs. We’re also exclusively buying these and any other NFTs on Freeroam as we’re dedicated to supporting the pro-community and pro-decentralization vision exhibited by the Freeroam team and community. Doing this will provide a baseline of liquidity on the Freeroam marketplace in the short term and redirect more ADA over time to the Stakepool in the form of quarterly NFT staking rewards so we can grow even bigger in the long term. Here’s the updated profit percentages we’re now allocating:

Ghostchain < 1k ADA Floor: 40% of Alamo Stakepool profits allocated from block rewards
Ghostchain < 10k ADA Floor: 20% of Alamo Stakepool profits allocated
Ghostchain < 100k ADA Floor: 10% of Alamo Stakepool profits

If you’re a Ghostchain holder, consider a Stakepool that shares your vision to maximize your investment and come delegate. YOUR delegation is your voice in Cardano! If you’re a fellow stakepool operator, consider supporting Freeroam and by doing so, you send a message to the masses that community-focused and pro-decentralization are the principles you want to see the future forged in!