Cardano Proud

Founded in 2021, Alamo Stakepool chose Cardano due to its unparalleled capability in revolutionizing inefficient and outdated systems globally such as voting/governance systems, identification/authentication systems, electronic medical records, and now, banking and decentralized finance systems. As more decentralized apps and smart contracts are built on the Cardano blockchain, the decentralization and automation capabilities of these systems will soon give us, the people, unprecedented control of our data, finances, and healthcare in a scale never before harnessed in the history of humankind. Alamo Stakepool is proud to have found a way to sustainably build on the future of the human species on planet Earth.

Military Grade Security

Alamo Stakepool operators have decades of cybersecurity experience undergoing the painstaking process of hardening and securing server infrastructure and information systems for the Department of Defense. In the spirit of IOHK & Cardano’s “do it right he first time” mentality, Alamo Stakepool operators personally handle the security controls in physical security, fault tolerance, and server and network hardening through meticulous and delicate means. What’s even better for the network, as the Stakepool grows, even more resources will be implemented to increase the availability of the Stakepool, and inherently the Cardano blockchain.

Fundamentally, by NOT cutting corners where some do (for example, by not opting to use a cloud compute provider like AWS or Azure to do the physical work), Alamo Stakepool nodes conceptually remain amongst the purest of nodes representing true decentralization and will remain online when centralized cloud compute providers fail due to DDoS or other forms of attack. Ultimately, years of experience in safeguarding our Nation from sophisticated cyberattacks from foreign adversaries is now concentrated here at Alamo Stakepool to safeguard the Cardano blockchain.

Texas Strong

In February 2021, Texas was caught by surprise to a strong winter storm. Hunger, carbon monoxide poisoning, house fires, busted pipes, and flooding engulfed Texas residents due to power outages. Already under severe operational pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic, local businesses suffered catastrophic losses when supply chains temporarily collapsed. We’re still reeling from the consequences to this day, and for all we know, the risk of this kind of occurrence happening again in the near future is ever increasing due to increased power demand.

Texans are not the sort to just stand around and watch this happen. That’s why the operators at Alamo Stakepool dedicate 10% of stakepool profits (based on revenue gained from block production rewards) into funding residential (specifically, at delegator’s homes) solar, battery storage, & renewable energy projects to alleviate the load on the Texas power grid. As you grow the Stakepool , your community grows stronger. You have made the wise decision to stake your ADA because you know Cardano is the future of planet Earth’s financial infrastructure, but you choose to delegate your ADA to Alamo Stakepool to build a stronger & more sustainable energy infrastructure or you and your community.

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